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4-OLD Old Log Drivers Comfrey Salve 4 oz. Traditional Northen Maine Herbalist have used the comfrey plant for centuries to revitalize broken bones and torn ligaments. We have observed here at Knot II Bragg Farm that comfrey caused extraordinary cell regeneration. Today you can still find comfrey plant growing wild around nearly every old homestead in Northern Maine. We here at the Knot II Bragg would love to claim this for our own, but comfreys useful benefits have been recorded for 5000 years. Dosage: We traditionally use comfrey salve once a day on an injury site. We use comfrey salve for damaged bones and ligaments such as: trigger finger, carpal tunnel, tennis elbow, shoulder injuries, whip lash, heels, arches, knees and ankles. After 50+ years as a practicing herbalist I have observed that it takes approximately 3 - 6 months for non weight bearing joints and at least a year for weight bearing joints. $10.50


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