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Knot II Bragg Farm

  Great, Great, Great Aunt Sarah A Randall was a women well before her time! She was a direct descendant of the Lords and Ladies of the Randall Estate in London England. ( The Randall Estate provided the medicinal herbs and elegant soaps used by the King and Queen of England.)

In the 1870's Sarah A. Randall became a nurse. Then a Dr. of Osteopathy, a bone Doctor.

Sarah was a well off, attractive, intelligent young women of good family. She was aided and encouraged to pursue her passion in medicine. It was accepted at the time, that she would give up all the foolishness when she met a good man to marry. But when Sarah informed the family, that she had no interest in marriage and intended to practice as a Doctor. Sarah became a scandal overnight. In a time when showing ones ankles was a scandal. A young unmarried women who observed and touched naked body parts was indeed a scandal. In many parts of the family Sarah's name was not allowed to be mentioned. So although Sarah lived to be 64 and practiced medicine in Aroostook county, all that time. She disappeared in her own life time.

Sarah was one of the first female physicians in the state of Maine. In a book written in 2013, a description of Sarah's accomplishments was printed in "Maine's pioneering female physicians, 1850s-1920" By Annette Vance Dorey.  Sarah was a woman well before her time.  On her tombstone in the Washburn cemetery it reads "She hath done all she could."
Great grandmother Carrie Turner Alley was a wife , mother and lay Doctor and midwife. She traveled where she was needed and practiced in Mapleton, Ashland, Castle Hill, Washburn, Wade, and Crouseville area.

Carrie was solidly built and stood 4' 11". She was a twin. Great grandmother Carrie was a pleasant, happy women with a delightful gift to gab. She was also a very fine horsewoman and could often be seen making her rounds behind her dapple grey Gelding, Phil.


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Natalia Bragg is a practicing Herbalist since 1966. She has traveled and taught her craft on and off the Knot II Bragg Farm since 1995. Natalia is a founding member of the Aroostook County Herb Association.

1975-1995 Natalia was a 20 year volunteer 4-H leader, teaching horsemanship and survival training.
1996 Certified by the National Wildlife Federation (Washington DC) as having an official "Backyard Wildlife Habitat"
1997 Natalia was featured on W A B I in Bangor. Program "Hiddin In Plain Site"
1998 Natalia was recognizes by the Maine center for Women, Work and Community as a inspiration and for her many contribution to the community and the county.
1998 Featured in the Presque Isle  Star Herald  "Celebrating Women" article.  Single handedly wrote a tourist guide for Washburn.  It was such a success that she is now asked to consult over small northern Maine towns on their tourist guides.
1999 Bangor Daily News article: "Choice for state herb rooted in history - 1/29/99.  Natalia lobbied the Maine State officials for the Maine State Herb Association to get the wintergreen plant recognized as the Maine State herb because it was the first cash crop for the state of Maine.
2000 Featured on WCVB in Boston on the "Chronicle " program "Back Roads In Aroostook County"
2001 Featured on MPBN "Made In Maine" - Program " Something Special"
2002 Developed the first stage of a natural cancer formula - In order to maintain robust health these element are critical.  They are called  "The four horsemen or The planks of health".
2002 Yankee Magazine "Editors Pick " - Aroostook County
2003 Developed the last two stages of a natural cancer formula -   The formula takes 3 months to work.   Treated the first stage 4 cancer client.  (Client feels the healthy changes in the first 3 weeks)
2003 Featured on "Made In Maine " - Program "Made it in Maine "
2003 Guest speaker for the National Folk Festival in Bangor Maine
2003 Knot II Bragg Farm chosen by Yankee Magazine's special Traveler's edition as the "Editor's pick... Must see" for the year 2002
2004 People, Places and Plants Magazine - Featured Herbalist
2004 Was an invited guest speaker for the Canadian Government on "What to do after the board feet are gone from the forest".
2005 Accepted as Shaman by the Native American tribes at Spruce Haven
2008 Invited to teach the nursing students to appreciate and identify natural healing plants on UMFK Campus (7/30/2008)
2008 Guest speaker at the National Folk Festival in Bangor
2008 Featured in the University of Maine - Orono - Maine Folklife Center article
2008 Trained in the Reiki method of Natural Healing. Certified healer.
2009 Featured in Grit Magazine - "Country Women Rock "
2009 In July, Natalia was honored to become an Elder of the Native people at the Pow Wow in Fort Kent, Maine
2009 Featured in USDA Culturally and Economically Important Nontimber Forest Product of Norther Maine.  Several photos of Natalia and her farm are strewn throughout the book as well as some of her wisdom.
2009 Featured  in the Bangor Daily News 7/27/09 Local & Regional section:  "Nature is the cure at County farm"
2010  Feb 2010, Developed a  six part certified traditional Herbal training course. To be regularly taught at the Knot II Bragg Farm from June/Oct. each year
2010 Completed the Farm Food Safety Program, certified by The Maine Organic Farmers and Gardeners Association
2011 Entrepreneur of the year  Honoree - LEAD (Leaders Encouraging Aroostook Development) and Momentum Aroostook welcomed Natalia as one of the 2011 Entrepreneur of the year nominees.
2012  June 2012. Taught Traditional herbal medicine at the UM at Fort Kent to students from the Marshall Islands as part of the UMFK nurses training program. Natural alternatives. As part of  the American Pacific Nursing Education program.
2012 Natalia teaches students from the Marshall Islands as part of a 5 week program to teach traditional herbal formulas.  Hired jointly through the State Department and the University of Maine at Fort Kent to teach 14 nursing students natural cures.  These are the first students in all of Micronesia to earn their bachelor of science degrees in Nursing.  These students will become the leaders and future teachers of their fellow nurses going forward.
2012 Featured in a book about "Sustaining Forests: Culturally and Economically Important Nontimber Forest Products of Northern Maine"
created by the USDA/Forest Sevice
2012 Taught a workshop at Helen & Scott Nearing homestead in Brooksville Maine.  The workshop was "How nature holds you in the palm of her hand".
2013/14 Featured in "Wiser Living in Maine": magazine. 2013/14 editions Cultural history and herbal formulas.
 2014 Filmed an introductory program for Time Warner Fox 8 with host Gerta Martin on health care and for the television show, "America - The View From The Top".
2014 Featured in "Unique Maine farms book"
2015 Filmed a 9 part series on maintaining health naturally for Time Warner Fox 8 with host Great Martin for the television show, "America - The View From The Top".
2015, 2016 & 2017 Conducted seminars for The Area on Aging for Aroostook County  at the Senior Expo in May at the University of Maine - Presque Isle.It was during the "Aging well, living well expo"..
2016 Advised a doctor on the art of naturally healing dementia and brain fog for the book "Alzheimer and Dementia Coaching".
2017  Compiled videos on fly control, lyme disease, liver & kidney failure and diabetes. (see VIDEOS)
2016-2017 Wrote multiple articles for Hope Holistic Magazine  "The four horsemen/Planks of health"; Native American Tinctures & healing herbal formulas": "Old Log drivers lip balm", Old Log drivers sinus oil, Old Log drivers arthritic formula, Old log drivers crampbark tincture
 2017  Featured writer in "Wiser living magazine" on Cancer "Did you know?"
2017 5/31/17 Presque Isle Star Herald article: "Herbalist shares healing knowledge with Probus".  Natalia shares the "Planks of Health" with the audience.  Also received a certificate of appreciation from the group.
2017 Was asked to be a board member on Dr. David Harshifeld's natural regenerative medicine team
2018 As an herbalist advisory and board staff member of  Dr. David Harshfield's team in Tampa Florida, Natalia was Invited to and attended the AAOM 35th annual conference & scientific seminar "Interventional Regenerative Orthrapedic Medicine - The complete Non orthopedic regenerative medicine Specialist".
2018 Sits on the board of Florida's space institute NASA - Glenn Research University
2018 Addressed the Boothbay Region Garden Club about the Planks of health - entitled: "Treating what ails you"
2019 Wrote three articles for the Fall/Winter 2019 Wiser Living in Maine magazine. 
      1) How much do you know about cancer? 
      2) Old made new again - herbal formulas that have stood the test of time - made new again at the Knot II Bragg Farm. 
      3) How to prevent lyme disease
2019 Travelled to Hawaii in order to be introduced to Ricardo Custodio.  He is the CEO of a new school training medical doctors about the natural ;medicine practices available.  The school is in West Oahu.  Natalia is an advisor in natural medicine to the new school for doctors and clinicians training in natural medicine.  While in Hawaii she practiced energy healing on local residents.
2019 Featured in "New Ventures Maine": 
40 Stories for 40 Years – Profilee 25 - Natalia Bragg – Wade
2020 Successfully attained Second Degree in the Reiki Method of Natural Healing
Natalia carries on the herbal culture and the traditions of six generations of healing women. She has created and maintains the "Old Log Drivers" herbal product line.

Knot II Bragg Farm
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Telephone: (207) 455-8386
Farm Open Daily: 10 A.M. - 5 P.M.
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