UPDATE: We have been having a technical issue with our ordering platform that should thankfully be RESOLVED now. Please call us if you experience any problems placing your orders, and thank you so much!
I hear grand reviews about your eczema cream from my brother-in-law.  He & his wife are impressed!

"I would love to place an order for your Sensuous Massage Oil... I would take 10 bottles if you have it available. 
I have been telling a few people about the effectiveness of this portion and have a few ladies that are interesed in having a bottle. 
(We have nick-named it "the love potion"!)
Thanks in advance!!

Natalia,  Thank you so much for your help on the phone for my husband's cousin who has cancer. 
She is doing so much better and is back to work again.  Her doctors are stunned that she is still alive let alone doing well.
Here is the check we promised you.  Your products are amazing and I truly appreciate what you do for people.
Thanks again,
Holly & Jason

Hello Natalia!!
You are a beautiful, kind, intelligent, multi-talented sister!!  Happy new year 2005 - you make Maine, USA a better, more natural environment.  Your healing ingredients from your Knot II Bragg Farm are in big demand!!
Anna & Vinny
ps I hope that you realize the lovely "intellectual assets" re: "Maine" audio farm stores for children and adjults (blind increases listening skills etc) You'll need a photo of your cow.

Thank you for passing your herbal/healing knowledge on to others like me!
Please let us know if you have advanced courses!

Dear Natalia,
Thank you for teaching these classes.  I've enjoyed them a lot and I'll really miss coming to them.  Being able to help the people I love is within reach now.
Thank you,
Rachel (age 17)

Thank you for sharing your wisdom and knowlege with us.  Your classes are always amazing, and your products are exceptional.  I have many of them on hand at work and I share them with my associates.  They are VERY thankful to have your products available when they are injured, ill or in pain.  Your healing water salve is unbelievable for burns (even 3rd & 4th degree burns), small cuts/bruises (the pain just goes away almost instantaneously) and it can even correct skin conditions.  The Old Log Driver line of products from the sinus oil, to the lip balm and especially the comfrey salve are simply amazing - and they all bring soothing relief almost instantly. 
What truly amazes me is the cancer protocol and the alzheimer/brain fog formulas that you have developed and that they work quickly, simply and without pain or feeling ill, and it all starts with getting the immune system "in tune" by implementing the four horsemen. 
Thanks again for all you do for people!

Thank you for all the information. 
My friend speaks the world of this arthritis creme. 
Now it's my turn.
Thank you,

Thanks Natalia for allowing us to interrupt your busy Sunday. 
I'm excited about your herbal remedies and look forward to sharing them with our daughters.

Dear Mrs Bragg,
Thank you for taking time to speak with me the other day. 
My order is enclosed. 
I would like to display your products at Well Farms and hopefully increase your sales.

Natalia Dear,
Need some sinus oil desperately!! Also lip balm!
Love ya-
Beth Anne