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Feb. 2020
I am a 62 year old truck driver. I started using Natalia's Blood Pressure Tincture when my blood pressure got to 156/90. After using one bottle of the Tincture my blood pressure is now 126/72. I am very happy I found Natalia's blood pressure tincture, as opposed to being on blood pressure meds for the rest of my life.
Duane M. from Maine
Dear Natalia, I just finished talking with you on the phone and I want you to know I am so very thankful that you gave me the information I needed to keep myself healthy. My fingers even look better as they are not so swollen. You give of your knowledge so freely. I sincerely hope you get the recognition you deserve. Once again, thank you, I truly feel you are my angel and God put you in my path that day in Mapleton. Take care and I won't forget you!! Sincerely, SW
Hi, Your items are wonderful. And I will be ordering in the future. Have a great day. Sincerely, LC
Feb 2010 My Name is S.E., I'm 64 years old. I cook a lot and am always getting burned. The worst burn was a third degree burn on my hand. I applied the Healing Water Salve immediately to the spot. Within 10-12 minutes the pain and the hurt disappeared. I never got a water blister or a scab. It healed within a few days and left a sliver colored mark on my hand. Now after 2 years I have only a faint tan mark on my hands. Love this medicine, wouldn't be without it. Presque Isle, Maine
Dearest Natalia, I sometimes have the chance to listen to your colleague on the Maple Mt. Show. You also have so much info to share. I'd love to hear you speak on that show. Love, M
Hello Natalia, Thank you for once again presenting at our Norther Maine Rural Living Day. Your classes are always one of our largest and most popular! I have icluded a copy of the sign-up sheet for your mailing list and also a summary of evaluations that were collected. I wish you a happy & healthful winter! Warmly, LT
Dear Natalia,
I'd like to thank you for sharing your time & expertise during our first ever Northern Maine Rural Living Day.
Your presence and very informative class were much appreciated by all attendees.
Your evaluations were all HIGHLY rated and everyone who responded said that they plan to implement your teachings into their lives.
We are very pleased with this first event and hope that you enjoyed your time there as well.


This is long over due.   11 years ago my husband got the word that he had stage 4 prostate cancer. He was told he had only 20% chance of survival. I will never forget those words.

Thank god we had a friend who you helped. We called you and came to see you. You made us so hopeful and here we are 11 years later. Hasn’t always been easy only because of being on a routine but well worth it. And you were always just a phone call away.

I so remember leaving Brewer after his appointment, calling you and reading his results from bloodwork and you would tell us what it all meant. You are so much a part of us being where we are today.  Not only did you help him you were my coach as well.

I have given your Name and number to so many people. The one thing I always tell them is once Natalia puts you on her protocol STAY on it.  Not just when you feel like it. Also you helped me with my blood pressure.  We really can not thank you enough.

Rod & Peg

12 October 2020
Enclosed is a much overdue payment for the Old Log Driver's Comfrey Salve you were moved to send me for my husband's broken ankle years ago.  It took me quite a while to focus and I realized a credit card payment had not been made!

Please accept my apologies.  I hope you are well!

Ok guys as you know I've been battling tinnitus for some time now. I've tried everthing to get relief.  my cousin Natalia Bragg put me on garlic and a vitamin B-100 complex,within a of couple weeks it was tolerable....a few days ago I thought I would test this so I stoped taking it, guess what it came back with a vengeance...so yes I took it this morning and will continue to take it ........ anyone with tinnitus should try this.

Dear Natalia,
Thanks so much for writing the letter.  It was greatly appreciated.
You sound so busy with your work with the Marseilles, radio show and classes. 
That's wonderful that you are sharing your expertise with so many people.

Thanks again for the letter.Take care,
Mary Q.D
Unique Maine Farms

Thank you Natalia for the eggs.  We all appreciate it more than you may nkow.

We are so glad to have such a nice neighbor.
Steven H.

Thank you Natalia,
You really are a wonderful person.  I am so glad to have met you.

Jackie A. (Steven's girlfriend)

Thank you so much for taking the time to share your farm with our children.  We had great fun!
Eileen M.
The PATH - (Parents of Aroostook Teaching at Home)
Dear Natalia,
On Behalf of Boothby Region Garden Club, I want to thank you for your amazing and most informative talk this past Wednesday.  We all learned SO much and apprecitate your knowledge and insights.
Thank you,
Judy Burgess
Hi Natalia, Just went to your website to get street (road) address.
Nice job.
Very interesting.
Amazing knowledge and family history.
Hope all is well.
In late fall of 2012, my husband Gene was told he had lung cancer and needed chemo & radiation therapy.  He had a port put in so he could receive treatments,  The first few treatments he tolerated ok.  Then radiation, as well as he could.  He needed more chemo but he could not tolerate it.  His oncologist informed us that his cancer was in stage four but there was nothing more they could do for him.

We were told about Ms.Bragg by my aunt and went to see her.  I believe this was the summer of 2013.  Ms. Bragg told us about a medicinal drink that she developed and explained everything about why & how it worked.  I was hopeful.

I went home and made the drink, I did everything as instructed.  Within 3 days I saw some color in his cheeks.  This looked hopeful.  We stayed with her program - the drink and supplements.  When Gene went to see his doctor his bloodwork showed improvement.  Dr. thought it was the chemo & radiation working.  Never told him what we were doing.  Again, he told us to go home and sign up for hospice.

This getting better continued for several months.  Dr. said he would send us to Brewer for a pet scan.  Results came back - no cancer detected.

I truly believe that if we had not gone to Ms. Bragg for help my husband would have died within a couple of months - he died November 4, 2018 - 7 years later.  His heart just stopped.

Carla S.
March 1, 2020
Dear Natalia,
Wishing you from my heart a wonderful new year for you and yours.
So grateful to have you as a "life saver" - health needs. Too bad the world can't see the gift you have to help all of mankind!
I know it, see it, feel it each time use my "crampbark".  My pain from spasms are gone within "5 seconds"!
God bless you,
Love & Prayers,
I wish you a pot of gold.
Ms. Natalia,
Thank you very much for the supplements, protocol guidelines and the wonderful magazine.  We liked the article about your farm.  Again I'd like to thank you for your knowledge and your willingness to take me on.
Have a nice weekend.
Oursoula  F.
Old Log Drivers Arthritis Formula is the BEST muscle rub EVER!  I have tried almost everything on the market and nothing works as well or so quickly.  I am never without it.  I travel with it, I use it on my kids.  I have learned my lesson to never run out.  I tell everyone I meet, who complains of pain, about this and if I have it on me, I share.  Everyone is amazed at how well it works and how quickly it works  Really do yourself a favor and get some.
Janet L.
Great products,
Thank you!
Merle McL
Just so you know, I personally never leave home without my sinus oil!
Hi Natalia,
I keep the Healing Waters salve in my bag at ALL times.  I have been able to help many people - bites, burns and chapped skin.  Simply the best all around emergency product.  Thank you Natalia for such a fabulous salve.  Everybody should have at least one on hand.
BethAnne HC
Thank you for passing your herbal/healing knowledge on to others like me!
Please let us know if you have advanced courses!
Dear Mrs. Bragg,
A little over a year ago, my wife and I made an appointment to see you at your farm. After reviewing her blood tests, you quickly informed my wife that her level of potassium was critically low and that she needed to start taking potassium immediately. Her potassium level was so low that she could have suffered a heart attack or stroke. In addition, she had some hormonal imbalances which you also discovered and called to her attention. What was so alarming to us was the fact that the results of the blood test, ordered by her physician, consequently never brought to her attention by her physician. I am writing this letter to thank you for saving my wife from a certain health crisis. In addition, her mood, ambition and her most recent blood test results all indicate that she is doing very well.

We are so glad that we came to you and are so grateful for your expertise and interest in her better health. I pray that others with health concerns will make it a point to contact you.
May God bless you.
Jim B.
Hello Natalia!!
You are a beautiful, kind, intelligent, multi-talented sister!! Happy new year 2005 - you make Maine, USA a better, more natural environment. Your healing ingredients from your Knot II Bragg Farm are in big demand!!
Anna & Vinny
ps I hope that you realize the lovely "intellectual assets" re: "Maine" audio farm stores for children and adults (blind increases listening skills etc) You'll need a photo of your cow.
We love the arthritis formula for fighting pain!
It actually helps my pinched neck nerve and helps my daughter-in-law with all the pain she has from a car accident.
The doctors took her off serious pain medicine, so this cream was a blessing.
Thank you for sharing your wisdom!
Thank you for such a great summer!
I've gained my self-esteem through your class and feel so fortunate!
Your friend,
Natalia Dear,
Need some sinus oil desperately!! Also lip balm!
Love ya-
Beth Anne
Dear Mrs Bragg,
Thank you for taking time to speak with me the other day.
My order is enclosed.
I would like to display your products at Well Farms and hopefully increase your sales.
Thanks Natalia for allowing us to interrupt your busy Sunday.
I'm excited about your herbal remedies and look forward to sharing them with our daughters.
Thank you for all the information.
My friend speaks the world of this arthritis creme.
Now it's my turn.
Thank you,
Thank you for sharing your wisdom and knowledge with us. Your classes are always amazing, and your products are exceptional. I have many of them on hand at work and I share them with my associates. They are VERY thankful to have your products available when they are injured, ill or in pain. Your healing water salve is unbelievable for burns (even 3rd & 4th degree burns), small cuts/bruises (the pain just goes away almost instantaneously) and it can even correct skin conditions. The Old Log Driver line of products from the sinus oil, to the lip balm and especially the comfrey salve are simply amazing - and they all bring soothing relief almost instantly.
What truly amazes me is the cancer protocol and the alzheimer/brain fog formulas that you have developed and that they work quickly, simply and without pain or feeling ill, and it all starts with getting the immune system "in tune" by implementing the four horsemen.
Thanks again for all you do for people!
Dear Natalia,
Thank you for teaching these classes. I've enjoyed them a lot and I'll really miss coming to them. Being able to help the people I love is within reach now.
Thank you,
Rachel (age 17)
I hear grand reviews about your eczema cream from my brother-in-law.  He & his wife are impressed!
Natalia, Thank you so much for your help on the phone for my husband's cousin who has cancer.
She is doing so much better and is back to work again. Her doctors are stunned that she is still alive let alone doing well.
Here is the check we promised you. Your products are amazing and I truly appreciate what you do for people.
Thanks again,
Holly & Jason
"I would love to place an order for your Sensuous Massage Oil... I would take 10 bottles if you have it available. 
I have been telling a few people about the effectiveness of this portion and have a few ladies that are interested in having a bottle. 
(We have nick-named it "the love potion"!)
Thanks in advance!!

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