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Knot II Bragg Farm
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From the wilds of the North country in Aroostook County, Maine, I am delighted to introduce you to some of nature's oldest blessings and to help you understand that nature holds us all gently in the palm of her hand.

I am a founding member of the Aroostook County Herb Association, and a 50 plus years as a practicing herbalist. I am pleased to share with you some of my family's herbal traditions.

Please use discretion and have the wisdom to know that not every formula works for everybody. Although my family uses all the formulas and I teach the making of them, you must consult a licensed practitioner if you have a problem.

This catalog is not designed to diagnose, treat, or prescribe in any way. The Knot II Bragg Farm or myself personally will not be responsible for your experience in using them. This catalog is meant to be a pleasant introduction to the power and beauty of the natural world around us. I hope you enjoy what I have to offer and thank you for allowing me into your life circle.


Natalia Bragg, The Knot II Bragg Farm
2012 Product Guide

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1-OLD Old Log Driver's Arthritic Formula This original Northern Maine formula was developed in 1859 by a female family doctor. Dr Sarah used the best known medical knowledge of her time. She also observed what the native people were using for pain killing formula that has stood the test of time here at the Knot II Bragg Farm. For six generations we have used this traditional formula for arthritic pain, pulled/torn/sore muscles, ghost pains, stiff neck and tennis elbow. We find it can be used anywhere except the eyes or the private parts. Dosage: Three times a day for the first week, two times a day the second week and then only as needed. Rub it right where it hurts. $12.00

2-OLD Old Log Driver's Balm of Gilead Healing Salve 1 oz. A wonderful natural healing salve.  Once carried by hunters, trappers, and Native Americans here in Maine. Used for wounds both fresh and old.  It has anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties.  This ointment can be left in a camp or boat for years and still be effective.  It is made from the tips of the Balm-of-Gilead tree and the candles of the Pine tree. $10.00

3-OLD Old Log Driver's Chickweed Salve. 4oz. Chickweed usage dates back thousands of years. It is high in Vitamin C, phosphorous, potassium, magnesium and other major electrolytes. The Native people of Northern Maine used this herb for anything that itched. For the last four generations our family has used chickweed salve successfully for eczema, psoriasis, shingles and just about any other itchy skin condition. Dosage: Traditionally we used a small amount on clean affected area. Melts into the skin on contact. $10.50

4-OLD Old Log Drivers Comfrey Salve 4 oz. Traditional Northen Maine Herbalist have used the comfrey plant for centuries to revitalize broken bones and torn ligaments. We have observed here at Knot II Bragg Farm that comfrey caused extraordinary cell regeneration. Today you can still find comfrey plant growing wild around nearly every old homestead in Northern Maine. We here at the Knot II Bragg would love to claim this for our own, but comfreys useful benefits have been recorded for 5000 years. Dosage: We traditionally use comfrey salve once a day on an injury site. We use comfrey salve for damaged bones and ligaments such as: trigger finger, carpal tunnel, tennis elbow, shoulder injuries, whip lash, heels, arches, knees and ankles. After 50+ years as a practicing herbalist I have observed that it takes approximately 3 - 6 months for non weight bearing joints and at least a year for weight bearing joints. $10.50


5-OLD Old Log Drivers Crampbark Tincture 1 oz. The use of crampbark was taught to us by the Native American people in the 1700's. As hunting, trappers and guides we have used crampbark in both tea and tincture form for the last six generations. We here at Knot II Bragg Farm have observed it to be the best traditional muscle relaxant we have ever found. We use it for muscle spasms, charley horses, night leg cramping, uterine cramping, restless legs and involuntary muscle spasms. Dosage: We traditionally use a half stopped full as the recommended adult dosage and the benefits manifest within 15 minutes. $10.50

6-OLD Old Log Drivers Plantain Salve 4 oz. The Native Americans say the plantain plant with follow your tracts and we at Knot II Bragg Farm have found this to be true. The traditional used of this plant was taught to us in the 1800's and we continue its use today. We use the plantain salve to draw out --poison, infections, splinters and inflammations from bug bites. We have found that it tends to keep scaring to a minimum. Dosage: Traditional usage, rub where needed at least twice daily. Melts into the skin on contact. $10.50


7-OLD Old Log Drivers Sweet Birch Complexion Cream 1 oz. An old and very much prized Native formula for beautiful skin.  It is made with all organic ingredients, including native Aroostook County birch bark, twigs, and leaves.  Can be used on all parts of the body.  Great for dry, chapped skin or problem skin.  It has a pleasant mint-like smell. $10.00


8-OLD Old Log Drivers, Ladies Night Cream. 2 oz. A creamy blend of soothing oils: vegetable, jojoba, almond, and Vitamin E.  These oils are blended with essential oils of lavender (for circulation) and rose (for nourishment).  This face cream is blended to feed and nourish your skin while you sleep.  This cream is excellent for dry elbows, knees and heels . A light application is all you need. $12.00


9-OLD St. Johnswort Oil 1 oz. This organically grown healing herb is brewed in cold-pressed olive oil right here at Knot II Bragg.  It makes a potent healing oil that usually heals cuts and burns without leaving a scar.  It may be used by itself or in healing salves of all kinds.  It may also be used for pets that fail to thrive, have had nerve injuries, or a retrovirus. $10.00

10-OLD St. Johnswort Tincture 1 oz. This organically grown healing herb grows wild on the Knot II Bragg Farm.  Blended in an alcohol base, St. Johnswort is used to treat anxiety, menopausal symptoms, and cabin fever.  This wonderful herb is not only an anti-depressant. It is used in the treatment of retroviral infections and where nerve damage has accrued. $15.00

11-OLD Old Log Driver's Athlete
Foot Formula 4 oz.
This formula was originally created by my great grandmother in the late 1930's. To be used by the log drivers on the Aroostook River in Northern Maine. It was designed to stop "itchy feet" in its tracks and to keep this condition from spreading to others. We have used this formula since the 1930's for athlete's foot, jock itch, and toe fungus. The Knot II Bragg Farm is proud to offer this original formula to the general public. Dosage: We traditionally used this wash morning and night after cleansing the infected area. Splash it on like after-shave. Shake before using. $10.00

12-OLD Old Log Driver's
sinus Oil 1/2 oz.
This blended oil is a 1910 log Drivers formula. Traditionally used to clear the sinus passages due to head cold, sinusitis , flu, asthma and allergies. It works very fast, usually in about 10 minutes. Should be used at least five times a day for the first three days, then as needed. $10.50

13-OLD Lavender Smelling Salts
(tiny apothecary bottle)
This tiny apothecary bottle promotes circulation and relieves light-headedness. Helps relax you, promote sleep and lowers blood pressure A scientifically proven remedy . All respectable ladies carried this remedy in their draw string purses. Hold bottle under your nose, take three deep breathes, all you can draw into your lungs. Results are almost immediate. $5.00


14-OLD Peppermint Smelling Salts. tiny apothecary bottle This tiny apothecary bottle of peppermint smelling salts is excellent at relieving upset stomachs, heartburn, and nausea.  Also scientifically proven to be as helpful for relieving car sickness, air sickness and sea sickness as anything currently on the market and without side effects. The bottle is to be held under the nose. Take three deep breathes, all you can draw into the lungs. Effects are almost immediate. $5.00


15-OLD Old Log Drivers Herbal Comfort Wrap A nurturing way for the body to heal itself.  Feels great on tired necks, sore muscles and aching back.  Can be used hot or cold . Instructions on the package.  Contains premium flax seed, buckwheat hulls, lavender, chamomile, peppermint, spearmint, and yarrow. 100% all natural herbal wrap $15.75


17-OLD Buckwheat hull and Lavender Pillow This handmade pillow is a wonderfully scented aid to a really good night's sleep.  Filled with buckwheat hulls and sweet fresh lavender flowers.  Approximately 24" X 16" $35.00


16-OLD Old Log Drivers Jewelweed Complex 1/2 oz. Jewelweed complex neutralizes the poisons from a variety of bug bites, including mosquitoes, black flies, bee stings and spider bites. The jewelweed liquid must get in the same puncture site as the venom. This is also the Northern Maine cure for poison ivy and poison oak. Neutralizes on contact. $10.00


18-OLD Old Log Drivers Ear Normal 1/2 oz. Ear normal is used to break up ear wax and prevent swimmers ear. A drop or two in each ear is all you need $10.00


19-OLD Old Log Drivers Healing Waters Salve 1/3 oz Tube This 1700's healing salve is made using a technique invented by the Romanian Gypsies and turns herbal waters into salve. This salve has eight healing waters and takes three days to make. It is excellent for burns ( kills the pain in minutes), infections, pimples, cuts, rashes, psoriasis ,eczema and shingles This salve can be used anywhere and on people and is blended to be used on all warm blooded animals. Comes in a tube and can be carried in your purse or car. This product is subject to availability because of the time it takes to make. $19.95


20-OLD Old Log Drivers Earache Oil 1/2 oz. Drop a drop or two of warm oil into the ear canal to clear up earache $10.00


21-OLD Old Log Drivers Gound Ivy Salve. 1 oz. The Old Log Drivers Ground Ivy Salve is an excellent ointment for deep bruising and hemorrhoids. This traditional Northern Maine salve will kill the pain and reduce the inflammation from hemorrhoids and deep bruises. It is amazing how fast it works. $10.00


23-OLD Old Log Drivers Spring
Dew Wrinkle Formula
1/2 oz. Roll top bottle.
This blend of special oils does an excellent job of feeding and nourishing the fine skin cell around the eyes and mouth. Reduces wrinkles and leaves the skin soft and Dewey. Strawberry fragrance. $15.00


22-OLD Old Log Driver's Cough Syrup 4 oz. This Northern Maine formula is traditionally used in cases of long standing upper respiratory infection - cough left over from bouts with the flu, asthma and/or cough after a cold that just won't go away.  This is considered a "big gun" herbal cough syrup. $10.50

24-OLD Lavender Massage Oil
app.  1/2 0z. Bottle
This Traditional blended oil is used to soothe hot tired feet, legs and stimulate circulation. Excellent for diabetics and others with poor circulation. When rubbed on the temple, this fragrant oil will help relax you, help you to sleep and lower your blood pressure. $10.50


25-OLD Sensuous Massage Oil
App.  1/2 oz. Bottle
This oil is blended for women, to excite the female libido.  This massage oil will make you feel delicious in your own skin.  The oils are blended to speak to the female within and bring that woman to the fore. Light sultry smell with spice undertones. $12.50


26-OLD Old Log Drivers Laundry Stick, Hand cut 2-3 oz stick A century-old stain removing formula used by my grandmother and passed on to me. The original formula came from the Lords and Ladies of the Randall Estate in London England. (My mother's people ) This soap is made with native soapwort and blended to remove grease, blood, and grass stains from most fabrics.  The Laundry Stick is hand cut, so weight may vary slightly. $6.50


27-OLD Old Log Drivers, Cinnamon
& Cocoa Butter Soap.
Hand cut app. 3 oz bar
A long-lasting, gentle antiseptic, mildly abrasive soap.  Specifically blended for people who garden and abuse their hands.  With each washing, a fine layer of cocoa butter and emollient are left on the skin, keeping hands soft and moisturized.  Made with native Aroostook county soapwort and Vitamin E.  Each bar is cut by hand, so the weight varies slightly. $5.00


28-OLD Old Log Drivers Stinky
Feet Soap Hand cut
app. 3 oz. Bar
A soap blended specifically for people with foot odor problems.  The secret ingredient is... well, a secret.  It helps to neutralize the bacteria on feet that cause odors to develop.  It really works!  And it smells wonderful!  Hand cut, so weight may vary slightly. $5.00


29-OLD Old Log Drivers
Fisherman's Soap
Hand cut approx. 3oz. Bar
This soap has been especially blended for the fishermen that come to Knot II Bragg Farm.  It is a skin-pampering soap blended with essential oils of cedar, lemon, citronella, a secret ingredient, and Vitamin E.  It has a delightful clean lemony scent and will deter insects.  It contains no harsh chemical insecticides and is especially safe and effective for youngsters.  Gardeners will love it too.  Hand cut, so bar sizes vary slightly. $5.00


30-OLD Old Log Drivers Lip Balm --1/3 0z. This lip balm is a excellent lip balm for dry lips, but it was blended to heal up cold sores and herpes. It works very quickly on both the lips and the genitals. We offer this lip balm in spearmint flavor. $3.50


31-OLD Organic bees wax 2 oz. Organic bees wax 2 oz. $3.00


32-OLD Chaga  Tincture 1 oz. A wild mushroom $ 15.50

33-OLD Herbal Singles Salve 1oz A 1930s formula traditionally used to stop the pain and discomfort of shingles. $12.00

34-OLD Old Log Drivers Cedar
Salve 2.5 oz. Tin
This salve is a traditional Northern Maine hunter and trappers formula for rough dry hands. This was a staple in the log camps.  Today farmers, mechanics and doctors use it.


35-OLD Feverfew Tincture 1 oz. Migraine headaches $10.00


36-OLD ValerianTincture 1 oz. Sedative for nerves $10.00


37-OLD White Willow tincture 1 oz. Inflammation/pain/headache $10.00


38-OLD Black Cohosh 1oz. Hot flashes/menopause $10.00


39-OLD Herbal Fly Spray Excellent bug repellant spray for people, animals{dogs, horses and cows} window screens, cars, Trees and scrubs. Environmentally friendly. You do not spray the oils, only the scented water. The oils remain in the top of the spray bottle .The Spray bottle can be filled with water up to seven times before the oils lose their punch. Do not use chlorinated water!!! $10.00


39-aOLD Herbal Fly Spray Refill 1/2 oz concentrate. Excellent bug repellant spray for people, animals{dogs, horses and cows} window screens, cars, Trees and scrubs. Environmentally friendly. You do not spray the oils, only the scented water. The oils remain in the top of the spray bottle .The Spray bottle can be filled with water up to seven times before the oils lose their punch. Do not use chlorinated water!!! $9.00


41-OLD Old Log Drivers Beaver Cut Walking Sticks These sticks were cut by the beaver that reside on the Knot-II-Bragg Farm. These are hand carved with wood spirits but you can still see the beaver teeth marks in each stick, so each one is an original sealed with canola oil to make them waterproof. These sticks will give you years of walking enjoyment. NOT AVAILABLE ONLINE


40-OLD Old Log Drivers Apple wood Pencils Apple wood Pencils were often found in the old line cabins in the North Maine Woods. They are still made here at the Knot-II-Bragg Farm in the traditional way. $2.00

42-OLD Old Log Drivers Diamond Willow Walking Sticks Each Diamond Willow Walking stick is uniquely different. The diamond shape in each stick offer one-of-a-kind beauty provided by Mother Nature. They are peeled and sealed here at the Knot-II-Bragg Farm and are totally unique unto them self. NOT AVAILABLE ONLINE


43-OLD Simply Naked Liquid Deodorant 2 oz. Natural liquid juices, kills odor under arm, feet and most garments, no preservatives, no color, no scent added. $10.00


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